Stand Up Speak Out (Single)

by Sonya Jevette

Track listing: Stand Up Speak Out

With Limited Options for Taking Action During the Pandemic, Sonya Jevette Chose to Stand Up and Speak Out through Her Songwriting

In the aftermath of George Floyd's murder and as the public reaction to the video of Ahmaud Arbery's killing intensified, Austin-based singer/songwriter Sonya Jevette was compelled to answer the question her father asked her during a phone call: "What are you gonna do about it?" With the pandemic in full bloom and quarantines in full effect, Sonya wasn't capable of marching. So what she did was turn to songwriting.

What has come from that moment is her forthcoming album, Other Side of the Pandemic. The first single from the record is "Stand Up Speak Out." She wrote the music and lyrics, played lead and rhythm guitar as well as bass (her Hondo II bass, Biggie, that weighs in at a hefty 25 pounds), and tracked the drums with a Fender Alexis SR18 drum machine. In addition, she ventured to Double Dog Recording in Austin to record five of the album's tracks.

She also devoted time and attention to the album art (seen above). Note the bullet holes, gender symbols, baby's feet, the raised fist and rainbow heart on her guitar strap. Each element plays an important role in Sonya's identity, emotions, and the energy put into Other Side of the Pandemic

The single itself delves into having the courage, strength and mentality it takes to speak ones own truth. Be who you are. Speak strong, confidently, honestly. When people do that, only then are we able to make progress.

The video for "Stand Up Speak Out" premiered on Austin Music TV on September 16, 2022 on SBP Live, a show for which she is also the host. You can hear her channeling inspiration from legends like Barbara Lynn, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and Memphis Minnie. But at the same time Sonya speaks to the modern day--as much as things have both changed and remained the same, she aims to address in her music the unique challenges we face in society at this volatile time in our country's history.

Sonya recently earned a degree from Arizona State University and became a Grammy Recording Academy artist. Looking ahead she is dead set on achieving the songwriting brass ring: winning a Grammy. Join her mailing list at Follow her on socials. Track Sonya Jevette's career over the next few years. She is bound and determined to make a difference doing what she knows best: putting pen to paper, standing up, and speaking out through song.

Posted on 10/6/22