Three Cities

by Jason Daryush

Track listing: Aurora, The Fountain, the Well, Bridges and Freeways

Jason Daryush's Three Cities is a mellow, serious, acoustic-guitar driven EP. As a collection, the songs create an an air of concern, a reflection on life and society. Production-wise, the EP is reminiscent of Duncan Sheik's 1996 debut in its mix, array of chords, and Jason's vocal style.

Three Cities offers something new with its atypical harmonies, melodies, and myriad of guitar leads dancing across the songs. Vocally, Jason's harmonies in "Aurora" are to the singer/songwriter genre what Alice in Chains' Layne Staley's harmonies did to mainstream rock—something different, a bit odd, but ultimately separating themselves from other performers in the same genre.

With the musical challenges Three Cities offers, it is also easily palatable. The songs could easily be the background music in a local coffeehouse or the songs between the hits you sing along with on a random playlist.

Jason Daryush hasn't revolutionized songwriting with this EP but Three Cities is also far from unremarkable. He writes non-traditional melodies, laid over creative chord progressions, and makes the most of his voice on the album by laying down compelling harmonies. Three Cities is available for download via, iTunes, and other major online music sources.

Posted on 4/23/13