Trás de Tí Partí (Single)

by Wagner J

Track listing: Trás de Tí Partí

Wagner J's latest single "Trás de Tí Partí" (translated roughly to "After You Left, I Left") hits home. Hard. A tribute to his mother who passed away, it's a sentimental tune that tugs on your heartstrings. Straight up R&B, the groove channels mid-90s greats in the vein of Boyz II Men, and is even lyrically reminiscent of their hit "A Song for Mama."

Cuando te fuiste Mami
tambien me fuí yo
Me perdí en el camino y
no me encuentro aun
Por eso en el silencio
me refugio yo
Solo con la ilusión
de escuchar tu voz

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Wagner J "Just a Human Being" is now based in Florida, singing, composing and even dipping into entrepreneurship with his own line of shoes, among other things.

His belief is in his songs and in God, with the the trio of the lord, himself, and his music, Wagner J believes his music will propel his words to great heights.

Of particular interest is his Spanish-speaking fans, both present and future. Not wanting to ride a bandwagon of high profile playlist-seekers or flashes in the pan, his music speaks for itself. One fan at a time, organically, Wagner J just asks for your ears for 3-1/2 minutes and let his song do the rest.

To date, Wagner J's fans are speaking loud and clear--so far bringing in 500+ monthly listeners on Spotify. His song "Siempre con Dios" has earned over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify along, and that doesn't hold a candle to "Tu Santo Manto" which is nearing 700,000 streams.

When you left mommy
I also left
I got lost on the way and
I still can't find it
That's why I take refuge
in silence
Only with the illusion
of hearing your voice

Faith is what it's about for Wagner J. Faith in his family. Faith in himself and his music. And faith in music fans around the world looking for that next impactful artist who writes from the heart and puts everything they have into their music.

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Posted on 6/8/23