by Sephe

Track listing: Loading..., Skarab, Shock (feat. Amari), Commas (feat. Kovou), Nil, Problemz.N.Issuez, Surge, Axiom, Goodnite, Guess so

She want her Cleo on her tongue
Bruh This hoe fallin in love
Sorry I am not the one
Get yo bitch you lil bum

Sephe is a 19-year-old artist out of Sacramento whose discography on Spotify has brought in over 20 million streams! The sound is wildly unique--a blend of Trap, EDM and R&B but rolling into that some elements of Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Hyperpop.

The album launches with "Loading," a spacey, theatrical soundscape--background to the live broadcast from a lunar landing. Then we begin to get into the heart of Sephe's sound. "Skarab" represents the vibe of most of the rest of the record. But what is it? A bit of Post Malone amidst a staticky fog. It's lyrical, yes, but the vocals are affected wisps, sewn into the tracks.

Twist?d Back Cover Art
Twist?d Back Cover Art

"commas" dives deeper into musical composition--chords reminiscent of The Roots' early work: part jazz, part RnB and Hip-Hop. But Sephe brings to all these elements a special electronic twist that spices things up with a little club, a little rave, a little 'hood, all rolled into one.

There's a mysterious, dark overtone across the album--minor keys, and sort of an ambivalent arrogance in the lyrical delivery. It's like Sephe's a bad motherfucker and you can listen and enjoy...or just hear what's happening and keep walking. Sephe's gon' do Sephe whether you approve or not.

twist?d just dropped a few days ago but is already racking up streams by the thousands. Check the album on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal

Posted on 9/30/23