by Brave Song Circle

Track listing: Last Stop Hotel (Never Be The Same), The Long Haul, Snakeskin, Keep It Simple, Share It, Stop The World, Prove It, Critical

Brave Circle Song consists of two talented musicians, Dustin Morris and Lauren Gale. Dustin called Dallas, Texas "home," where he played with his band Dustin Morris and Songbird, before leaving the Lone Star State to meet Lauren in Denver, Colorado. After a single gig together, Dustin and Lauren decided to play with one another, creating a folk/indie/psychedelic/ska type of duo that delivers solid songs, one after another.

Lauren’s vocals intertwine perfectly with Dustin’s as they swap leads on their newest release, Unconditional. Their duets convey both elegance and rock at the same time. Their harmony shines in “Stop The World,” which expands instrumentally toward the end, bringing in some trumpet and clarinet for good measure.

Brave Song Circle brings a lot to the table with this album. Primarily an acoustic duo live, Unconditional incorporates harmonicas, jazz bass, blues -like guitar riffs, brass, and woodwinds that add brilliant variety.

Dustin's vocals have been compared to “Jeff Buckley singing along with Arcade Fire.” His range stretches from delicate in “Snakeskin” to near-screeching in “The Long Haul”. Similarly, Lauren's mono-EQ'd screams in "Critical" are downright haunting, followed immediately by her spot-on harmony in the same song.

Brave Song Circle balances each other with their playing and singing—a mish-mash of pretty, sweet, morose, and impressive. Having heard their debut a year or two ago, Brave Song Circle has taken a leap forward with regard to their production, songwriting, and performing. With Unconditional, the duo has created a musical vibe that you need to be a part of.

Posted on 4/22/13