Volerò (Single)

by Vittorio and The Bridges

Track listing: Volerò

"Volerò" is the first single from The Run Up, a 3-song EP by Minneapolis-based Vittorio and the Bridges. A native Italian, band leader and namesake Vittorio Raimondi began writing songs in 2020 in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Having time to reflect on his life, Raimondi found that subject matter abounds--he's traveled extensively to more than 60 countries and lived in Norway and London before finding a home in Menneapolis in 2008.

"Volerò" is also an Italian word that translates to "I will fly." The song tells the story of 'Johnny', a stranger in a new town who finds an inspiring woman who encourages him to fly...but unlike Icarus flying too high, the advice for Johnny is to not fly in fear but instead fly unencumbered and unafraid. 

Complementing the lyrics, the instrumentation throughout the mid-tempo number is pretty standard rock/pop: acoustic & electric guitar, bass (Michael Muilenburg), drums (Jody Sipe), and vocally "Volerò" features a gorgeous female vocal in a sort of call-and-response with Raimondi in the choruses.

The EP also includes the songs "America" and "Daniel Adios," which feature Italian and English lyrics along with a delightful cello solo. The melange of sounds, language, and styles epitomizes Vittorio and the Bridges' own description of their music: "Mediterranean infused original pop rock...that bridges cultures, generations, geographies." It's apparent that Raimondi sets out to write in a way that sonically embraces the cultures and locations he's seen throughout his life.

Check out Vittorio and the Bridges, The Run Up EP, and where the group will be playing live at vittorioandthebridges.com.

Posted on 1/12/24