Wade In The Water (Single)

by Yona Marie

Track listing: Wade In The Water

Washington, DC based session singer, writer, and producer Yona Marie has dropped her latest single, a cover of the spiritual classic "Wade in the Water." By day she continues to develop her massive online library of music industry tips, news, and singing and songwriting advice, but at heart she's a natural born vocalist.

With her rendition of "Wade in the Water," Marie weaves together a melange of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Gospel to transport the 100+ year old song into the modern day. A smooth drum loop, a combination of ethereal synth and funk/jazz Rhodes keyboard at hand, she leans on her voice to fuel the recording's organic energy. Featured throughout, but particularly in the acapella outro, are Yona Marie's perfect harmonies. Impressive. 

Though not published until 1901 the song's lyrical history goes back further in time, its exact origins unknown. PBS Newshour reported it "has not been proven, it is believed" that the song was used in connection with The Underground Railroad throughout a bulk of the 19th Century. Harriet Tubman was also thought to have used the song as a lesson in vigilance for escaped slaves on the run, advising the avoidance of trails and to travel through water to disguise their paths.

Marie's version opens with the words "What hurts us, heals us," not simply sticking to traditional interpretations of its lyrics but using the song's message as a more broad lesson. She says of the song, it "delves into the profound metaphor of wading through troubled waters, reminding listeners that God's plan may lead them through discomfort, but it is precisely within those tumultuous currents that growth and transformation occur."

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Posted on 12/7/23