With the Rhythm of a Catfight (Alternate)

by The Radio Hour

Track listing: With the Rhythm of a Catfight

"With the Rhythm of a Catfight" is the latest single from Chicago-based quintet The Radio Hour, from their [more than] full-length album Tim Hort. The record is 17 tracks that represent a nice-sized chunk of work from its namesake. On the group's Facebook page they're described as "studio rock" and rightfully so. With The Radio Hour you get exactly that: straight-up, no frills, finely executed sounds. 

Fronted by and centered around the songwriting of Tim Hort, there's been quite a bit said of his songs, writing, and live shows. Check out the EPK, Press & Music page on timhort.com for much more on that front. 

The end is coming, seems like I'm floating away, seems like it's pulling me under and I'm soaring through space...I do love you but I can't stay still, don't leave me alone with forces that kill 

But for the song at hand, Hort leans less on his Alt/Rock background and more toward an Indie and almost Americana mood. A spacey, ethereally effected electric guitar arpeggiates tastefully around the lyrics. And where a traditional guitar solo may otherwise find itself, a low-end & harmonized guitar duet takes us out through to the song's end.

What jumps out front is Hort's extraordinarily calm vocal delivery, sans any messing with gymnastics or jumps into a higher register. Just as the drum kit does its job of keeping the rhythm, for this track we have an unadventurous vocal performance which instead directs the listener to the lyrics themselves. 

If you clicked the link above and read any Hort/Radio Hour reviews you get the point that he thrives on introspection and deep dives into human emotion. Where powerful messages can sometimes get lost in over-the-top production or walls of instrumental volume in a mix, "With the Rhythm of a Catfight" ensures no risk of such a thing. 

Take some time to explore this track. Then take a little more time to explore Hort and his projects. If you've made it this far, you've found a singer/songwriter with important things to say about the human psyche, head, and heart. Your journey into Hort's realm can now begin at timhort.com.

Posted on 2/17/24