by WonderCurrent

Track listing: ThingsThings That Matter Most, Guernica, Mona Lisa Smile, September, Home, Bohemian Flats, Pale Blue Dot, Things You Cannot Measure, What Remains of the Day, Seeds of Hope

A sincere, gentle reminder of why we're here and the highs and lows we can expect to find in our collective everyday journeys... Find these things and more throughout the new self-titled release by Minneapolis-based duo, WonderCurrent. Singer/Songwriter Dave Dvorak and producer/musician J.J. Benson have teamed up to explore a myriad of topics through their lyrics, set to a genuine soundtrack of well-executed instrumentation.  

"Things That Matter Most" opens the record with a reflective look at our daily routines and lifelong pursuits, positing to listeners an array of seemingly unimportant moments and tidbits of life that make up our most dearly treasured memories. Politics and adversity make their way into the album via "Mona List Smile," a bouncy love song of sorts with a hook that'll stick with me for the rest of the week.

The musicianship throughout the album is a delight. Crystal clear production. The tones and flows of each part weave a patchwork quilt that comforts, reassures, and teaches a lesson or two along the way. WonderCurrent is one to bring up when the topic of conversation comes to new music that embodies the sentiment and requires the talent of the artists we've loved and yearn for in a musical landscape that otherwise often disappoints.

Check out WonderCurrent, follow 'em on social media and even pick up a copy of the physical CD at wondercurrent.com. And if you bug J.J. and Dave a little bit, I bet they'll eventually add some merch to their online shop.

Posted on 10/29/23