101 Da Exclusive Drops Another Weekly Video "Can't Let Em Close To You"
"Can't Let Em Close To You"

Weekly. Every single week. Yeah, St. Louis based 101 Da Exclusive has been releasing (and will continue to release) a new video every week. How does he do it? Well, what he told us is that his daily routine includes:

  • wake up
  • scroll thru phone
  • get up 
  • take bath
  • change clothes
  • go to studio 
  • work on some beats 
  • hit up some people to record 
  • watch youtube videos 
  • read 
  • exercise 
  • mediate 
  • hangout with girl, my group EGE, or my son 
  • maybe go to somebody else studio 
  • call my bro 
  • make a song 
  • talk on the phone with my cousin 
  • plan 
  • journal 
  • skateboard 
  • get bored, fed up with life 
  • visualize my dreams 
  • listen to music 
  • smoke weed 
  • drink liquor from the store 
  • maybe walk around the block 
  • see what's going on on Instagram 
  • make music. share it with the world . make content for social media . do things to try to get more famous than the day before
  • sometimes get depressed and have anxiety and deep life thoughts pondering different outcomes

So that's the secret, that next-to-last item: every single day he makes music, works on his social media and does what he can to be better (more famous) than he was the day before. 

Are you doing that for your music career? Every single day?

Posted on 4/2/21