101 Da Exclusive

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

101 Da Exclusive grew up in U. City in St. Louis, same hometown as Nelly, where his mother worked hard to get them from the ghetto to the suburbs. He'd spend weekends with his dad, who provided musical inspiration early on, at age 5 even taking 101 Da Exclusive onstage with his group at the time, The Arch Rivals.

Much of his childhood was spent dealing with the perils of the ghetto: violence, murder, drugs, gangs, much of which was happening in and around his family's home and affecting close family members. But amidst the horrors and having to grow-up too soon there was still heavy musical influence from both his father as well as a cousin who was a member of Devastation Click. Eventually his father saw his interest and natural talents and set-up 101 Da Exclusive with some recording and studio gear.

You had to learn how to fight or stay in the house. I used to try and do the gang and fighting thing but I realized it wasn’t for me.

It was the dangers of the streets that truly kept 101 Da Exclusive focused on music. "You had to learn how to fight or stay in the house. I used to try and do the gang and fighting thing but I realized it wasn’t for me." So he stayed home, honing his craft daily...for years. It was rapping that eventually helped 101 Da Exclusive gain some acceptance among peers at school. He learned how to do it all: write songs, craft beats, record, mix, master, graphics, videos, distribution and promotion.

It's this independence and skill that led 101 Da Exclusive to begin producing beats and songs for other artists, collaborating, but also marketing himself on YouTube. His hustle led to a deal with Floyd Mayweather's TMT music group, some touring, and working with the likes of Migos, Young Thug, Drum Boi, Jazzy She, Kashdoll, Megan thee Stallion, Scott Storch, Lil' Wayne and others.

To date, 101 Da Exclusive has earned thousands in royalties and by selling beats. He's sold thousands of his own albums "out of the trunk" and has amassed an impressive stat line:

  • 5000+ plays on Spotify
  • 2 million views on YouTube
  • "Paperman" with Chingy has over 1 million views on YouTube
  • 18K likes on Facebook
  • 30k+ Soundcould plays
  • Wiz Khalifa used a 101 Da Exclusive beat and put Rick Ross and Amber Rose on the song
  • Opened for Yung Bleu
  • Got props from Fetty
  • Lil' Wayne rapped on one of 101 Da Exclusive's beats
  • Music featured on Showtime Sports' “Berto vs Mayweather”

Currently 101 Da Exclusive is putting out a ton of new material. He releases a new song on Spotify and a new music video on YouTube every week, on a 2nd YouTube Channel called Exclusive Films (a music video company created by 101 Da Exclusive). Follow 101 Da Exclusive on every medium--he is an artist who has had a taste of fame so far in his young career and won't stop until he gets over the top.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

"Can't Let Em Close To You"

Posted on 4/1/21