Adam Harbison Celebrates His Debut Release "Shades of Green" with a Lyric Video for the Lead-off Single, "Humble Pie"
"Humble Pie"

Humble Pie is the lead single off of Adam Harbison's forthcoming studio album, Shades of Green. It marries an electric, danceable production echoing honky tonk classics from decades past with direct and humorous lyrics that serve as a reminder to not take yourself too seriously.

Written By Adam Harbison

Produced By Dan Mehrmann & Robert Scott

Executive Produced by Tim & Carol Arehart, Ben Blanquart, J9, Eric Frazier, K.J. Holtz, Wade & Amy Ungerer, Amanda Kay Warma, and Eian D. Warma

Recorded at Midtown Sound House in St. Louis, MO by Dan Mehrmann & Robert Scott

Bass Guitar - Chris Turnbaugh
Drums - Jerry Mazzuca
Electric Guitar & Lap Steel - Troy Brenningmeyer
Acoustic Guitar & Vocals - Adam Harbison

Mixed & Mastered by Dan Mehrmann

Posted on 6/19/23