Ben Sebastian Follows Up His Debut Single with a Cover of Gioli and Assia's "Playing Chess"
"Playing Chess (Official Lyric Video)"

'Playing Chess', the second instalment in this darker era of Ben Sebastian, is available on all streaming platforms! Enjoy the lyric video!


The phenomenal #DiesisLive sets served as my introduction to the phenomenal duo, @gioliandassia. If you don't know them, you should, and furthermore you should allow them to take you on a music journey. The Italian duo are producers, multi-instrumentalists, singers, songwriters, composers, record label owners, and DJs in the techno/house field of music but with these labels being stated; they present an authentic style that is uniquely thier own. Beyond even all that, they have been the soundtrack to many a major part of my own mere mortal existence. To their music I have loved and lost, cried and rejoiced, and many a time felt broken only to became healthy again and I have shared their music to anyone who would listen.

In honour of thier impact, and because I could not let the immense gratitude I have for these two musicians lie still, it was only inevitable that one day, a cover of one of thier songs would surface. I wanted to cover 'Inside Your Head', the first song I ever heard and one that, years later, would become the romantic soundtrack to a now lost relationship but I instead shied away from re-opening old, painful, wounds.


Instead; I chose another favourite, (and there are so many to choose from), in the form of 'Playing Chess'. It was a more recent discovery, yet again in a period of personal revitalisation. My previous single 'Banged Up' covered my experiences of imprisonment and 'Playing Chess' was my first 'Gioli & Assia Discovery' post-release. Given that my previous single refers to playing chess in the lyrics and with the above in mind, it felt a fitting choice. I hope you enjoy my follow up in this new, darker era of Ben Sebastian.

Posted on 9/9/23