Ben Sebastian

Genre: Rock
Hometown: Kent, UK

Ben Sebastian... a musician:

Ben Sebastian's 'Kalasin' series is an demonstrative outpouring of the extremes of epic symphonic and maniacally progressive metal musicality. Ben is currently composing 'Ghenghis' - an epic retelling of the Ghenghis Khan story. a podcaster:

Ben Sebastian is the curator of The Sonic Symphonic Podcast; an outlet for unsigned metal artists to get heard along with imaginative real-life story-telling and colourful interviews - all immersed in his philosophical mission to promote and engender musicians to invest in the furtherance of their own unique talents above all else as a mechanism for overcoming , and surpassing, the frailty of personal mental health and the general vicissitudes of life. Each month he plays the best in unsigned metal from around the globe and in between uploads video shorts as and when he discovers new music. Submissions can be made to