Cannibal Eyes' "It's Just a Nightmare" is the Latest Musical and Video Foray for Macabre Maestro Ben Sebastian
"It's Just a Nightmare (Single/Video)"

Sonic Symphonic Podcast creator and dark metal maven Ben Sebastian is at it again, this time venturing into the depths of Techno. Not quite into the realm of NiN but in a similar morose vein, his new project Cannibal Eyes is less Industrial and more Dance. He hasn't gone full-on Studio 54 dance-til-dawn Dance, though. Cannibal Eyes is track that would drop in the wee hours of the morning in a club open only on dark, stormy, full-moon nights inside a chain of abandoned dungeons.

Inspired by a series of chronic lifelong nightmares, "It's Just a Nightmare" addresses Sebastian's experiences both sonically and lyrically--the concept of essentially having died hundreds and hundreds of times.

Carrying on with AI-generated videos as he's created for "Banged Up" and "Playing Chess" this effort is perhaps more haunting than its predecessors. We all have our demons and have feared the monsters under the bed or hiding in the closet. With Cannibal Eyes, Sebastian is bringing your worst fears to life...set to a dance beat. 

"It's a Nightmare" is available on BandcampSpotify, and most other major streaming services.

Sleep your sleep
Dream your dreams
Die In Bed

Run from the monsters inside your head

It's all real
Cant you feel
Your Own Death

Shaking, taking your last mortal breath

It's Just A Nightmare

Tossing, turning,
Cannot win the fight
Sheets drenched with sweat
In the cold of night

A nightmare, a nightmare, a nightmare,
It's time for you to die!

It's Just A Nightmare

Posted on 10/2/23