Another De Sade

Genre: Alternative, Rock
Hometown: Austin, TX

Another De Sade is a four piece alternative band from Austin, Texas. Named after the infamous Marquis De Sade, the band has carved out their own niche of rock and surrealism to create a beautiful, noisy sound scape with a high energy performance and light show. Since the bands formation in 2011, The original drummer and guitarist ran through two other bassists and 2 singers before finding their current line up. Each member brings unique flavor and world experience to the group and as a collective, they wish to convey their message of unity and pursuit of ultimate truth to the masses. The light means nothing without the dark to balance it and part of this message reflects the pain involved with truth. Traversing the path of the tree of life, to the sepher sephiroth.

"False Summit"

Posted on 6/17/15