Barrett Myers

Genre: Country/Americana, Folk
Hometown: Lafayette, IN

There's something stirring in the heart of Barrett Myers, and chances are that he's written a song about it. Barrett loves a catchy melody, but something within yearns for depth and meaning; all of this shines through in soulful performances of his Folksy compositions on acoustic guitar. He's got more than a handful of heartfelt ballads about life, love and the journey, written on the road and at home in Indiana. These are complemented by upbeat and clever tunes that celebrate the wondrous goodness of thermal underwear and the 95 cent Burger King soft-serve ice cream cone. Born in Colorado and with roots in Kentucky, Barrett has been writing and performing music since a fateful road trip one spring day in 2008. Lately he's been seen entertaining the crowds at Adelino's Old World Kitchen on Monday evenings, and at various coffee shops and open mic nights around the Lafayette area.

Posted on 2/27/13