Bruce Nunnally

Genre: Folk, Pop
Hometown: Fairview, TX

American Folk Music

Songwriter Bruce Nunnally of Fairview, Texas writes and performs modern American Folk Songs. His upcoming release "Know Yourself Part 1" is his first release of acoustic folk music. His 2 prior releases were mixed folk and pop with more complex arrangements.

Moving from Patron to Artist

While brainstorming ways to help a Texas music teacher expand her business, Bruce became fascinated with the way electric guitars produce music. He moved from identifying guitar kits, to taking guitar lessons (a great way to support local guitar teachers!) to writing and performing songs.

From Finance to Folk Music

Bruce was previously a Director of Proposal Analysis for a major Defense Company. He opted to leave that Finance career to devote his time to Folk music and songwriting.

Modern American Folk Music

Bruce specializes in modern American folk songs. He writes storied, sometimes humorous songs about life and love.

Bruce's goal is to remind people that good songs don't need more than a songwriter, a guitar, and an audience.

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Posted on 4/28/21