Bruce Nunnally to Release 3-Song EP "Know Yourself Part 1" on May 14th (with much more to follow)

Stay tuned for our updates on Bruce's progress leading up to the EP's release!

It's been a delight getting to know former major defense company finance analyst, Bruce Nunnally. He's left the straight-edge world of financial forecasts and actuarial hijinx to spend his time doing what he loves: writing and performing his original music.

This year Bruce has an ambitious release schedule planned: not 1, not 2, not 3, but a 4-volume collection of EPs is on his slate over the next four months, with more to come after that.

But for now we look at the first of this series: Know Yourself Part 1, which is slated for release on May 14th. The songs on the EP include:

  • The Best Thing In My Life Is You
  • Your Love is Gone Like a Summer Rain
  • Don't Know What Genre I Am

Bruce has a wonderful Press Kit for Know Yourself Part 1 on his site at: You can preview the songs and pre-save them on Spotify.

We'll be sharing more about Bruce and each track on this EP leading up to its release. Keep an eye on our social channels for updates.

Posted on 4/28/21