Davina Robinson

Genre: Blues, Soul/R&B
Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Davina Robinson is a singer from Philadelphia, currently based in Japan. She is a master of capturing the authentic spirit of the blues with her powerful and emotional voice, while also blending a range of soul, rock, and R&B influences.

Her releases, The Blazing Heart and Black Rock Warrior Queen, are great examples of her musical artistry; her music helped her gain recognition. Among other accolades, Davina received an Honorable Mention in the Billboard Songwriting Contest and the Hiram Bullock Award.

Proudly representing Hard Rock Cafe Osaka in the global Hard Rock Rising Contest, Davina made a notable appearance on the "Blues City" episode of the NHK World series, Journeys.

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Davina offers a most authentic auditory experience, and is keeping the legacy of blues, rock and soul alive by introducing her signature style to Japanese music lovers and beyond. Her recent mini-album Bluesaholic is a perfect example of this, as she joined forces with some talented local musicians, bringing the best of both worlds together: Japanese musical craftsmanship meets the feeling and passion of an original American musical genre. The track "Like a Woman" is one of the album's highlights, and it was named Best Blues Song in the UK Songwriting Contest.

Fans of legendary blues and soul singers such as Etta James, Tina Turner, and Aretha Franklin will find a kindred spirit in Davina Robinson, who is quickly winning over fans and industry insiders.

Posted on 11/20/23