by Davina Robinson

Track listing: Freak In Me, Like a Woman, Big Butt Woman

Bluesaholic is a powerhouse 3-song EP by Philadelphia native Davina Robinson. Now living in and performing across Japan, Robinson dropped Bluesaholic back in 2021 and has been building her blues and R&B vocal career steadily there ever since. Prior to this effort, her releases Black Rock Warrior QueenThe Blazing Heart and several singles ventured more into the rock and pop sphere. Bluesaholic, though, is soaked through and through with the blues.

Robinson's soaring voice kicks off the EP with "Freak In Me," a fun naughty uptempo blues jam. Beyond the blush-inducing lyrics, though, you hear a solid lineup she's described as "Japanese musical craftsmanship meets the feeling and passion of [the blues]." The band's musicianship shines through particularly in the guitar and Hammond B3 solos throughout the record.

You think I'm a lady, maybe
So hard to hide
the dirty slut inside
I won't apologize 'cause
You bring out the freak in me

The EP takes a gorgeous turn into the ballad "Like a Woman," named Best Blues Song in the 2020 UK Songwriting Contest, putting a spotlight on Robinson's vocal range. She delivers soft sultry verses, a bold belting chorus and the bridge/pre-chorus after the solo is simply divine, as she seems to channel some Etta James inspiration.

Bluesaholic closes with the brash banger "Big Butt Woman," featuring one helluva lead slide guitar. And once again, Robinson brings a wallop of vocal power to the table, shaped and shifted with bluesy lilts and style. She's a powerhouse, without question. Venues all across Japan have a gem in their midst with this expatriate. Keep up with Davina's new music, shows, merch and more at

Posted on 11/22/23