Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Hometown: Chicago, IL

DeMarco100 hails from Chicago's Southside, 103rd Street, aka the Wild 100s. He knows it. He lives it. He writes his lyrics and creates his music for it. His latest single "Harder Than Ever" is streaming everywhere and tells his own story: "so many get shot tryin' to talk brave / I hit up the spot where they all hang / my killa'll do it for small change / he post up like he LeBron James."

His lyrics are his testimony. He shares his own struggle so that others might learn from it and step up. Of the album, he says ”I want to give youth a different outlook and encourage them to be better and do more for their communities.”

DeMarco100 has seen the poverty and violence firsthand. From the loss of friends’ lives and loss of the time of those behind bars, he creates so that the loss might not be in vain. He writes to represent his friends and his neighborhood, hoping to inspire kids to avoid taking the same paths as those before them. DeMarco100’s lyrics are written as motivation for the youth of the Wild 100s and beyond, motivation to steer clear of guns and violence and challenge them to contribute positivity into the world.

The new album All In All drops soon. Find “Harder Than Ever” on Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Pandora and more. Follow @De_Marco100 on Instagram and watch for the follow-up single “I Want It All” set for a February 13th release

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 1/24/21