Natasha Waterman
Natasha Waterman
Natasha Waterman (Toronto, ON)

Natasha Waterman finds inspiration and comfort in music. At age 11 she had her first publication in a Canadian poetry book, Acorn's Book of Poems. This set the stage for her songwriting future. At 14 she was known as an MC under the alto ego Mother Nature, singing dub plates for local reggae DJs. Natasha later began songwriting and taught herself piano and guitar. She has three songs placed on Canadian Idol Kalan Porter's album 219 Days, followed by two songs on Melissa O'Neil's self-titled debut album, with the single "Speechless" receiving airplay on Canadian airwaves.

Waterman may be releasing her first album entitled Perfectly Imperfect but she is definitely not new to the music business. She has co-written songs with Marc Jordan, Canadian Songwriter's Hall of Fame inductee Randy Bachman, In Essence, Ivana Santili, and many more. Determined and passionate about her music, Natasha advises, "Do what you have to to do what you love. No job can pay...enough to be miserable."

"Intimate and Interactive"

Posted on 4/3/06