Top 10 of January 2016

The Top 10 most visited pages on in January 2016!

10. #irespectmusic - We re-posted one article about Blake Morgan's #irespectmusic efforts and it continues to be one of the more popular destinations on our site. Hmmm, maybe we should publish more about it...

9. Natasha Waterman - Toronto-based singer/songwriter with an R&B voice du jour, Natasha released a holiday single and has a new video out.

8. Los Callejeros de San Anto - Side project of Piñata Protest frontman, Alvaro del Norte, Los Callejeros stick to traditional roots, bringing the music of generations past smack dab into the present day.

7. "Welcome to Kiddoo and the Dude's Funky Freakshow" by Kiddoo and the Dude - Buy this album. You will be happier because of a naughty, funky way.

6. Chasca - "It is the year of the bonobo," quips lead singer JT Martin. 2016 looks to be the year of the Chasca, as well.

5. Nina Diaz - Taking the next step in her solo career while Girl In A Coma continues to thrive.

4. Los Callejeros de San Anto, Afrofreque, Monoceja, and Kiko Villamizar at Flamingo Cantina (1/8/16) - If you were at this show, you were dancing.

3. BAM (Brownsville, TX) - BAM is an artist oasis in South Texas. The owners fight the good fight every day. You should go there some time.

2. Chasca, Total Unicorn, and Wonderbitch at The Belmont (1/9/16) - This show ended up being outside just after a cold front dropped temperatures into the 30's. It was a frozen tundra that night, but a number of fans literally weathered the storm, gathered around heaters, and were entertained. It is untrue that there were three fatalities due to severe frostbite.

1. Top 15 of 2015 - What was popular last year began this year with a BANG!

Posted on 2/1/16