Dusty Edinger

Genre: Pop, Rock
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Dusty Edinger started playing drums at age 15.  By 16 he was playing local Atlanta clubs and by 18 he was recording and touring.  He attended the University of Georgia where he was a student by day and musician at night.  He received a bachelors degree in psychology and eventually moved back to his home town of Atlanta, hell bent on being anything other than a psychologist.

Once back in Atlanta he began writing songs and was a founding member of the band Star Collector.  Star Collector’s debut release, “Songs for the Whole Family” was well liked by critics, and gained a lot of label interest, but eventually led nowhere.  Soon after, King Friday was formed.  After recording a five song EP and playing for the better part of 4 years, the band eventually succumbed to exhaustive lineup changes and disbanded.  

After the break up of King Friday, Dusty became a hired gun, playing pick up gigs wherever possible.  Then in 2011 he began playing drums for Metalsome in Atlanta.  Happy playing drums for a living, one might have thought that songwriting had finally been put to bed forever. 

Whoa!  Not so fast…

Posted on 12/20/23