Broken Soul Survivor (Single)

by Dusty Edinger

Track listing: Broken Soul Survivor

Dusty Edinger blasts into 2024 on the heels of his latest single, "Broken Soul Survivor." A great Doobies-era key intro kicks off the track followed by a backbeat to get the blood flowing.

I can't help but hear a vocal similar to Randy Bachman--a higher register that cuts right through the instrumentation to get the lyrics way out in front. The track's got a great pop sensibility to it, with a B-section that draws from a Rock/Pop history of clever chord progressions and an empathetic, empowering tale of struggle and overcoming the odds. "Only the strong survive" is such a novel phrase yet when attached to the crux of a good Pop ditty, it makes ya think things may just be okay after all.

Edinger cites Joe Walsh as an influence and you can glean that from the licks, phrasing, and sort of a 'wise sage' POV in the story. Keep an eye out for the full-length record from whence "Broken Soul Survivor" comes. The follow-up to 2021's Missing Links and Kitchen Sinks, if "Broken Soul Survivor" is a sign of Edinger's musical growth, the signs are pointing to very good things in 2024. 

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Posted on 12/20/23