Jeb Bush

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Hometown: Tampa, FL

Jeb Bush started rhyming at age 13, quickly learning to focus his lyrical ingenuity and cultivate his talent, and by 2002 he began seriously writing and recording music. In his youth Jeb Bush was influenced by the music of LL Cool J and Notorious B.I.G., and later became inspired by fresh acts like Eminem, Lil Wayne, and T.I. His work delivers in spades—engaging diverse new school styles, blending quintessential East Coast/NYC elements with Southern fare to produce tight verses and unique tracks.

He emerged on the circuit under the pseudonym Da Franchise,and upon moving to Detroit in 2004 signing a three-year deal with Raw Cut Records. While earning a reputation for rallying the underground masses with his signature rhyme craft his debut street single “Buck Up”, was an instant club hit. During a 2007 freestyle session he coined his new stage name: “I’m from a state where the crack gets pushed / Fuck a rap name start calling me Jeb Bush . . .” thus Jeb Bush was born.

Moving back to Florida and took a two year hiatus from music while living in Orlando. Jeb Bush reignited his recording career and developed the independent label, Magnum Entertainment with his brother and release 3 mixtapes over a span of 3 years. In 2010 Jeb released I’m A Trappa, Jeb Bush has gained notoriety and become the freshest heavy hitter to infiltrate Florida’s scene with the gritty but radio friendly single.

Fast forward to 2012 Jeb is back with the release of his highly anticipated EP titled Protege of Plies where he sets the tone to claim the throne with a radio ready song "Dats My Bae" feat JR and with the approach of anal chemist, he creates order from chaos, and on-point verses that are not to be missed!

Posted on 1/10/13