Jo Potter

Genre: Pop, Rock
Hometown: Singapore

“As an artist, Jo Potter has built a strong, devoted following and a reputation for versatility with clever lyrics and catchy hooks. She writes, produces, sings, and is also a talented instrumentalist. Although classically trained as a flautist, she taught herself piano and guitar but still regards herself as a “hack player” of the latter instruments. Time and again, she has pushed her boundaries and demanded more of herself creatively, developing into a mature talent rapidly.

Music drew her inescapably from a young age. Singing publicly for the first time when she was only three years old and writing songs since she was fifteen, she quickly became immersed in the musical world. Today, Jo's style has drawn acclaim for its edginess, its rawness, and its emotional vulnerability. Soulful as her songs are, though, there is a vibrancy to them as well, an undeniable electricity that courses through every line.

Her latest album Tonight has been called a masterpiece and has been released in September 2019. The industry is readily accepting her music as she is charting the title track, “Tonight”, at #36 on Billboard Top 40 Indicator Chart only after 3 weeks of release. Her sophomore album, Saved, received similar praise with critics and the "Valentine's Day Song" from her freshman effort 8 Circles played on radio across the US, charting as the #1 Most Added Song on FMQB's AC40 Chart for three weeks, and hitting the National FMQB Chart at #9 for more than six weeks.

Jo remains devoted and experimental in music genres from both fully produced band sounds to unplugged, acoustic versions. An explorer and innovator at heart, she is always looking to do something fresh and different. She has performed worldwide, at acclaimed events such as the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Elite Concert Series in Korea, and as the opening act for the GoGo's in Miami Beach.

Posted on 5/1/24