Stoney Forde

Genre: Folk
Hometown: Reno, NV

Musician, Sportsman, Raconteur

Borne to a flea-bit peanut monkey and a honky tonk woman during a crossfire hurricane, Stoney has bounced around at various odds and ends collecting a wide swath of observations and experiences regards the human condition as well as filling his passport with time stamps of his comings and goings extra-dimensionally.

Delving into a genre that he calls "Enlightened Americana" with an added dose of "Magical Realism" to create a mixologist's handcrafted cocktail of unexpected characters, outlandish landscapes, and whimsical situations, Stoney showcases a unique perspective and a distinctive voice with a willingness to implicate himself in his bad and/or good behavior and to describe its costs and rewards to those around him as he chronicles life on the path to awareness and illumination.