Love In Tent

Genre: Pop
Hometown: Lahaina, HI

Love in Tent combines the rhythm of the islands along with major pop influences. Dance music with an island flavor. We relate our music to artists, such as Maroon 5, Bruno Marz, and others. Love In Tent combines dance/pop music with an island flavor and is the first of its kind in Hawaii. We are the fusion of musical styles with a mission to bring dance music to the best stages in the world. A trio of experienced musicians thriving to create dance music with meaningful content and creative lyrics. Junior Siqueira is an internationally recognized musician originally from Brazil, who chose Maui to call his home almost 10 years ago. If you haven't listened to us, put your party boots on, your neon blue glasses, and get ready to scratch the dance floor. Aloha.

Posted on 2/18/13