S.R. Laws

Genre: Blues, Country/Americana, Folk
Hometown: North Bay, CA

S.R. Laws is an American singer/songwriter, musician and recording artist from Northern California. Inspired by storytellers like John Hiatt, Rodney Crowell and Chuck Prophet filtered through early life experiences wandering the train tracks through wheat fields and smelling the fruit ripening in the orchards in his hometown Marysville, Ca.

S.R. cut his teeth as a songwriter in Austin, Texas. The “live music capitol of the world” and a thriving music scene yielded a bounty of musical and life experiences like no other. Each passing season allows provisions of a burgeoning sound peppered with wry attitudes and energetic rhythms to develop “lyrical pictures,” showing the humanness in the common walks of life. It is through heartfelt performances that allow him and the characters in his songs to “break the ice” with any toe-tapping crowd. He lives in Sonoma County, you can find him performing all over California and with his band The Heartsleeves. His new release A.M. Sessions is out now and available at his live shows and on all platforms!

Photo by Giant Eye

"Casino El Camino"

Posted on 4/12/21