Genre: Folk, Rock
Hometown: Pompano Beach, FL

A fusion of rock, blues, and jazz, led by Joshua Elyashiv's songwriting and bass, with Aldo Marchant's guitar prowess, Eddie Willer's versatile talent, Bridget Mccrum's soulful voice, and Elisa Seda's rhythmic finesse. Their diverse backgrounds produce stories of resilience and passion. Shiv's music transcends boundaries, touching hearts worldwide.

At the core of Shiv is Joshua Elyashiv, the driving force behind Shiv. Known for his Jazz-infused rock and heart-wrenching lyrics, Elyashiv’s music resonates with audiences worldwide. Beyond the stage, he’s a celebrated author of the groundbreaking memoir “Privilege Lost” and the creator of the compelling podcast “Losing Privilege.” His life is a mosaic of experiences, from being a U.S. Marine Corps Vet and a martial arts instructor to leading successful business ventures. Beyond the stage, he's a voice for the voiceless, advocating for human rights and animal rights, themes that profoundly resonate in his memoir and music.

Posted on 4/30/24