Space Weed

Genre: Rock
Hometown: Cape Canaveral, FL

Space Weed are the sons of a parental foursome: Weed, Booze, Outer Space and Black Sabbath (the Ozzy years, not that Dio shit). They forge dark-stoner-doom-sludge metal from the deepest bowels of their minds. Some say the sound is from outer space, but since the band hails from Cape Canaveral we're pretty sure those folks are just high and confused. You may hear some Weedeater influence, perhaps a dash of Slayerish. But what you've got is a band who've played separately for many years, brought together at the end of 2020 (pretty much the epicenter of armageddon). Expect Space Weed's debut album some time in 2021.

Bio by Wiley Koepp

Posted on 3/17/21