Reno Singer/Songwriter Stoney Forde's Foray into Yacht Rock Begins with "Rum Running 3 Sheets to the Wind"
"Rum Running 3 Sheets to the Wind"

Reno-based artist Stoney Forde's latest single is "Rum Running 3 Sheets to the Wind." He didn't set out to create a new Yacht Rock anthem in 2024 but it appears that's what he's gone and done. Dabbling in the genre he's dubbed Enlightened America, he's brought together what he calls "Magical Realism--a creation akin to a mixologist's handcrafted cocktail of unexpected characters, outlandish landscapes, and whimsical situations."

Album Art
Album Art

"Rum Running 3 Sheets to the Wind" has the accompanying video that provides a visualization to the song itself. But what's happening within the song is interesting. The accordion sound on keyboard offers a bit of veritable Worcestershire Sauce in your cocktail--you may wonder why the hell it's there, but it does add a certain "Je ne sais quoi" once you take a healthy swig.

Forde's got his mitts all over the track, too. The video and song credits run thusly:

the 3-stooges: comedy
Gabriel Bastos: violin
Agustin S: stand up bass 
Elisa V: percussion
Stoney Forde: music & lyrics, music production, video production, guitar, vocals, percussion, accordion, trumpet

So basically Forde's written a song about plotting your own course on the seafaring adventure we call our lives. You should take that exotic port of call. Then venture off and explore the local watering holes, meet the locals, dine on their food. If half of life is just showing up, Forde issues a challenge to take it to the next level: don't just live, but live each moment to its absolute maximum experience level.

Yes, he's packages up his sentiments into a classic Yacht Rock format. But don't hold that against him. Take it on the chin and then learn from it. Trim your sails, as it were. Clear your throat and sing along. 

Posted on 4/2/24