Genre: Pop, Soul/R&B
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Terracotta is among the handful of acoustic soul pop artists to emerge following the late-'90s success of artists like Jason Mraz and India Arie. The band's singer, Valentine, is a from-the-heart singer/songwriter rooted in the R&B, soul, Motown, and blues, yet grounded in the post-hip-hop urban world of today. Their debut album, Acoustic Soul is rich with textured songs, hooks, and impressively mature lyrics. The band members met at a restaurant surrounded by a romantic lake called "C2" just outside of Bangkok, Thailand. They played music together there for almost 2 years while chemically absorbed between each other through music and life. Before the restaurant shut down they sent a single to local radio, “40 Kilometres Per Hour.” It went to #1 on almost every radio chart in Thailand. 40 Km/Hr became the name of their follow-up album, released in March 2011.

Posted on 2/20/13