Top 10 of March 2013

Announcing the Top 10 most visited pages on in March 2013!

Topping this month's Top 10 is a bit of an oddity: Altitudes was a Christian-driven hard rock band out of Round Rock, Texas. "Was" because they split up some time ago and have gone on to pursue other projects. Still, way to rock to new heights, Altitudes!

Our article about CNBlue, Jay Chou, Jayesslee, Terracotta, and Zee Avi was popular once again, nearly pulling off back-to-back #1's, coming in instead at #2.

In another oddity, a show from last year—Johnny Hi-Fi's appearance at the 2012 Spring Scream festival in Taiwan—resurrected itself and rose up to #3. We can only guess that this coincided with traffic from this year's festival, and overflowed to our site (props to our SEO!).

At #4 is our day show co-sponsored by Saustex. On Wednesday, March 13, amidst the chaos that is South By Southwest, we promoted a show featuring Berlin artists The Cry Babies and Fetsum, The Copper Gamins out of Mexico, San Antonio's Piñata Protest, and Austin's own Scorpio Rising. Billed as an "International Incident," the showcase served as a nice warm-up for most of the bands, as they each performed several more times during the week.

Fort Lauderdale rapper Absoloot released a single for his track "Banksters." Our review landed the #5 spot this month. Two more reviews, B.U.N.K.S.' Generica and Piñata Protest's Friday afternoon show during SXSW came in at #6 and #7, respectively.

South Austin's electro-dance-rock trio Scorpio Rising achieved #2 Electronica/Club DJ in the 2012-13 Austin Music Awards, but their video for "Bodyrock It" landed at #8 in our March Top 10.

Chicago hip-hop duo Angel / DeLundon's video for "Can't Stay Away" made it into this month's countdown at #9. Rounding out our Top 10 is The Cry Babies—a live video of a song from their appearance at the Roadrunner's Paradise festival in Germany.

See you next month!

Posted on 4/1/13