The Ephemeral

Genre: Alternative, Rock
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

The Ephemeral reside somewhere in the spaces and voids of heavy, alternative, progressive music. Both vulnerable and aggressive - at times, traumatized, at times, therapist - urgent and patient - casual but profound - crescendo only to decrescendo - life-affirming with sickness - the mental and the physical - pleading for introspection with social absurdism - their new album Your Burden Is Safe With Me confronts all of these paradoxes with effortless transition and developed songwriting.

The sophomore release for the Phoenix band sees them independently exploring territory not normally traversed by their contemporaries. Songs like “Dead Snow” and “Nil” exude sublime melodicism paired with crushing low-end tone, while songs like “Pineapple King” & “Mayfly” assert alternative aesthetics in a vibrant soundscape.

Having previously worked with the likes of Erik Jensen (Escape the Fate), as well as opening for esteemed acts such as Darkest Hour, Unearth, Protest The Hero, and Slaughter to Prevail, The Ephemeral continue to push the progressive boundaries of heavy music. Your Burden Is Safe With Me is out now on all streaming platforms.

Posted on 12/28/23