Your Burden Is Safe With Me

by The Ephemeral

Track listing: Goliath, Mayfly, Pineapple King, Opulence, Vibe Check, Nil 1, Nil 2, Dead Snow

The Ephemeral's sophomore effort Your Burden Is Safe With Me hits very, very hard. Certainly heavy, bits of metal, dashes of screamo and alternative... But amidst the anger and angst lies a musical patience--a deliberate intelligence. 

The album's first track "Pineapple King" sets a perfect expectation for the rest of the record: killer low drop D (hell, maybe even drop-C or -B; the shit is low) riffs, eerie harmonies, dazzling lead guitar melodies, layers of harmony vocals, and a lead vocal scream that holds up to the best of 'em. But by the time you reach the 5:00 mark, you find yourself in a whole new ambient universe of dreamy effects-laden arpeggios and light electronic drum beats. Spacey, even.

"Goliath" brings you back into the intensity you'll find more often than not throughout Your Burden Is Safe With Me. It's dazzling guitar leads dance atop an absolutely killer attack of drums, bass, rhythm guitar and pure vocal fire.

Your Burden Is Safe With Me is not for the faint of heart but it absolutely is for listeners who seek out something new and different among a sea of mindlessly heavy sludge. There is enough prog influence to mix things up, but without swerving head-on into a lane of needlessly complex math rockers. 

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Posted on 12/31/23