Genre: Alternative, Rock
Hometown: Niagra, ON, Canada

THUNDERCLAP! is a self-taught singer/songwriter, proficient at most instruments he lays his hands to. He has been writing songs since he was 13, and has been masterminding various rock n' roll outfits since he was 14. Originally from the Niagara region, he has expanded into an international performing artist playing in Lyon, Paris, Berlin, London, and elsewhere across Europe and North America.

THUNDERCLAP!’s potent style of performing began on the streets but now has expanded past that to the National and International stage. In 2013 THUNDERCLAP! embarked on a 7 city East Coast Canadian Tour with Spooky Ruben. His debut LP entitled "Hell Bent On Success", was produced by Spookey Ruben (Feist, Kei$ha). It also includes notable guests Bob Wiseman (Blue Rodeo), Mary Margaret O'Hara (Miss America) and Dave Clark (Rheostatics)!

More recently, THUNDERCLAP!’s holiday radio release “The Ghost of Christmas Past” has been heard from coast to coast on commercial rock airways across the country. A one-man band, he possesses the bravery needed to take the stage alone and believes this heightens the vulnerability of the performer, thus creating a more emotional rapport with the audience. This type of performing, which he likes to call 'guerilla folkestry,’ can be just as powerful when performed at concert or on the street, as THUNDERCLAP! does regularly.

THUNDERCLAP! prides himself with a 'diverse' subject matter which his lyrical content explores. His background of 'method acting' and the subsequent understanding of human psychology flavoured his already unique approach to composition. What THUNDERCLAP! offers in original content, although challenging and trailblazing, is just as equally- hooky and memorable.

Photo by G3 Designs Photo + Video

Posted on 7/17/23