Genre: Electronic
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Delightfully creepy. Delightfully trashy. Visual artist & music producer Wlav has been putting out their spooky EDM tunes since 2016. Being a fully self-taught producer that works out of their bedroom-turned-studio (literally a laptop), they make horror-inspired experimental electronica that celebrates the unprofessional side of the industry. They got their start in 2016, originally producing mixes for fans of their Tumblr (whitelinesandversace). That same year, they released their admittedly-not-the-best debut album ‘1001.’

December 2018 saw the release of their horror-based EP ’1959.’ This marked their first release in the Witch House subgenre, a community that they would soon integrate in. Considering their love for the horror genre, across all mediums, this was a natural direction for them.

Wlav describes themself as a digital monster, combining their horrific and otherworldly aesthetic with their unsettling tunes. They pull inspiration from the occult, horror films, and real-life tales of terror. 2024 is set to be a big year for the artist, with their fourth studio album underway & a collection of other projects that are set to be released.

Posted on 3/15/24