Tim “Tank” Casterline

Hometown: Austin, TX

Tim "Tank" Casterline, a co-owner of Wonderland Studios and Texas Time Artist Services, began his experience in music production and recording in the early 90's. He studied composition and experimental music at Texas Tech University, returned to Austin and founded TLC Recording in Cedar Park, Texas in which he produced projects for many years, and on-location doing live sound/recordings.

Tank has been playing bass for 20+ years and has toured Texas and beyond with 500+ gigs under his belt, and has recorded on dozens of albums--from 3-piece jam rock groups to Texas blues, southern/stoner rock to math metal, alt country, country, folk, and beyond. Tank is a member of the Austin-based bands The Dealers and Peyton Gin. He is also a touring member of M.O.D. (Billy Milano's Method Of Destruction, which you may recall from critically acclaimed albums, S.O.D. or MTV videos). Tim actively develops acts, engineers/produces, and currently assists with all aspects of Wonderland Studios and Texas Time Artist Services.

Posted on 3/24/08