SW Signs Management And Promotional Deal With Coyote Music

Coyote Music Press Release


July 5, 2002 - New York, NY
Contact: Wiley Koepp 512.740.7210

After independently selling 1,000 copies of her debut CD, The Road to Here, singer/songwriter/pianist SW looks to Coyote Music to achieve higher goals with her upcoming release, The Turning Point.

Currently, SW is working on her sophomore effort which is due for release in early September. Called The Turning Point, the CD will feature the artist's striking voice and talents on piano, but her music will be taken to a new level through her own innovative development techniques. SW has established a fan base, proven by her devoted audiences at New York City performances and through her heavy Internet album sales. Now, along with the efforts of Coyote Music, she hopes to expose her music to an even wider range of listeners. Between the lively, heartfelt, upbeat sounds of The Turning Point and the assistance of Coyote Music's Artist Development team, SW’s artistic future is more promising than ever.

"I feel SW has great talent and her sound has been well received. Now it is time for her to be broadcast to a larger market and actively promoted," says Coyote Music's A&R Representative, Wiley Koepp. "SW has the drive, the genuine passion and the quality songs it takes to succeed in this business. Often times, though, an artist cannot do all the necessary work by themselves. Our team at Coyote Music will help SW move in the right direction and help her pave her musical path." The partnership between the artist and consultants will include publicity efforts as well as market research and advertising, all part of an effort to increase CD sales opportunities.

SW began classical voice training at age 16 and continued her studies, graduating magna cum laude from the University of California with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and an emphasis in Ethnomusicology. After graduation, she broadened her musical scope by performing with Middle Eastern and Javanese Gamelan ensembles. Soon after these projects, in 1998, she would begin composing her own music and relocate from Santa Barbara to New York City to expand upon her evolving musical career. Since that time she has released her first album, The Road to Here, and currently performs regularly both as a solo act and with a full band.

Current information about SW's new album and a performance schedule are posted on her website and on https://www.coyotemusic.com/. Fans can also learn more about the artist at either site, hear song samples, and purchase both of her releases.

SW will be a part of the Coyote Music Artist Showcase Series held at Le Bar Bat (311 W. 57th St. in Manhattan) on Friday, September 6th. Performances will begin at 6:30pm. Visit https://www.coyotemusic.com/ for complete showcase details.

Posted on 7/5/02