From Jam Band to "Outlaw Scrungle," trespasser Grew from Backing Band into a Bonafide Indie/Rock Machine

trespasser's journey from college to the real world takes them further than the physical distance from Connecticut to NYC.

trespasser is all over the damn place--musically speaking. Dive into their gig at Bushwick Public House in August 2023 to see what I mean. They cook, they rock, they roll, they smoke. And for the rhythm section junkies reading this, the drum/bass breakdown between tracks six and seven is just a helluva lotta fun. 

The band makes a point of recognizing their members and how they fit into the socio-genre climate of the times. Yes, four of the five members are queer and bassist Natalia is trans. The group nods to this dynamic (and how much it shouldn't matter) via their latest single "Man." But the coolest thing about trespasser is not the make-up of its members. It's that they're a pretty tight fuckin' band.

Trespasser Pyramid!
Trespasser Pyramid!

Founded on the principles of jam bands, improvisation, and all the jazz/music-head talent those things tend to require, you're likely to hear a Dead cover during trespasser's set. They've got Country roots and Jazz chops. But upon making the transition from a college band at Wesleyan to being an Indie Pop band in Brooklyn, their songs have gotten cleaner, tighter, and generally more . . . well, Indie Pop.

Originally centered around the songwriting of guitarists Clay and Matt, trespasser has grown into more of a group dynamic. All for one, one for all, if you will. But with earlier influences including Grateful Dead, Mac Demarco and others, they're now aligning with the pop sensibilities of artists like Charli XCX and Troye Sivan.

What does that sound like? It's a fair question: jam roots morphing into indie pop. Is there even a name for what that is? Yes! While "indie/alternative rock" might suffice for some, trespasser has coined their own genre: Outlaw Scrungle

No need to search for other artists of the genre. trespasser has the corner on that market. Googling it will only turn up articles dealing with trespasser. They might ought to consider a trademark, to be honest. What you should do, though, is listen to some trespasser. Listen to the old, listen to the new. Ride the wave, if you will. Much like we all do, this band experimented throughout college until the process of self-discovery has led them to where they are today. 

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Posted on 4/26/24