Presale.Codes Helps You Buy Better Concert Tickets

Presale.Codes is an affordable subscription service that opens the door to concert ticket presales so you can beat the rush to your favorite bands' concert tickets.

Here in Austin, Texas the South By Southwest music festival just wrapped up. Exactly one-hundred bazillion bands, music industry professionals, and music-related businesses converged upon the city to show off their wares and hopefully make their impression upon thousands of music fans.

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One takeaway I came away with from last week was running across the online tool: It's a presale code finder where you can subscribe for just a few bucks with the benefit of gaining access to numerous presale codes for concert tickets. The site has been around about 10 years, it's real, run by actual humans who created it initially as a tool for themselves. Now they're offering it to you.

"What is a presale code?" you may ask. Well, from their own FAQ, a presale code or presale password is a code that when entered into a special offers box on or will let you buy tickets before the general public.

It's that simple. So if you like the idea of getting access to better seats than everyone else in your city, it's a pretty sweet service. And affordable, too! All the details are at but the gist is that it runs $6.95/month if you go month-to-month, but is as cheap as $2.50/month if you sign up for an annual subscription. And right now they've got a 50% off offer, so it's $1.25/month. Basically pays for itself if you use it once a year and get a kickass seat at the next concert you attend.

The folks there are super nice and their customer service is handled in-house. No crazy phone banks of people who give you the runaround. So take a look and give it a shot. I've been impressed with the number of shows they have listed and the codes are 100% legit. If you have any problems, they're good about getting refunds processed quickly and easily.

They don't run a bunch of social media sites. You can find them on Facebook at But their primary site is monitored regular for new subscriptions and they're good about posting the latest presale codes as soon as they're announced. Find out everything you want to know at

Posted on 3/21/24