Another World

by Lucidity

Track listing: No Apologies, Save Us, Another World, New Divide, Broken Road, Signs, Behind Blue Eyes (Feat. Young Syrup), Break Free

Chris Luciani leads his band LUCIDITY into a goddamn fist fight with the band's latest album Another World. The guitars alone fall somewhere between Audioslave and King's X, just thick as hell, building a solid wall of sound by themselves. His eerie vocal delivery soars with a natural vibrato enhanced by some deviously purposeful processors. 

Lucidity is heavy. "New Divide" slams with a punch of later Megadeth, Luciani's voice reaching more shrill tones evocative of some of metal's best. The vocal harmonies tell their own story--neither standard 3rds and 5ths above the melody and not simply replicating Alice in Chains '4th-below' the melody--Luciani dabbles in all manner of non-traditional intervals giving Lucidity's songs a feel all their own.

"Signs" brings the most up-tempo feel to the record, while most of the rest of Another World sticks to slower and mid-tempo bangers. The title track, for which the official video dropped in the summer of 2022, embodies the group's more daunting, hammering style. And it's caught on! "Another World" has already garnered nearly 300,000 views on YouTube

Another World's release is coming, being put out by Precision Records. Keep an eye on Lucidity's Spotify and Apple Music profiles for the drop date. Until then, the single for "Another World" is ready and waiting for your ears. Check out https://www.lucidityofficial.c... for the latest news from Luciani and the band.

Posted on 11/1/23