Genre: Rock
Hometown: Morristown, NJ

LUCIDITY, the renowned Rock Band hailing from New Jersey, has been a beacon of musical creativity since its inception in 2000. The band is a powerhouse of talented musicians who have been performing together for over two decades. They are known for their technical prowess and musical versatility, consistently pushing the boundaries of their sound. Over the years, LUCIDITY has developed a unique musical style that resonates with a wide range of listeners, making them a local favorite in New Jersey's vibrant music scene.

Since 2015, LUCIDITY's popularity has soared, and their music has evolved, drawing inspiration from their local community, culture, and the diverse sounds of their hometown. Their signature style is a testament to their ability to craft a diverse collection of melodies and compositions, capturing the essence of the place that has influenced them so profoundly. LUCIDITY's music transcends the confines of genre, appealing to a broad spectrum of music enthusiasts, and their distinct sound has become synonymous with innovation and creativity.

Their latest album, "ANOTHER WORLD," released through the esteemed label Precision Records, explores profound questions about existence and self-discovery. With incendiary lyrics and blistering riffs, the album possesses a mainstream active rock edge that adds a powerful and energetic dimension to their sound. LUCIDITY and their frontman, Chris Luciani, navigate the introspective labyrinth of self and the universe, delivering thought-provoking conclusions that are sure to challenge and captivate their listeners. "ANOTHER WORLD" is an unyielding collection of tracks that invites us to ponder the mysteries of our existence, while the band's unparalleled musicianship ensures a mesmerizing listening experience for rock enthusiasts and music lovers of all kinds.

Posted on 10/29/23