Channel Z3r0

by E. Lee

Track listing: Station Identification, Money for Memories, Morning Program, A word from our Sponser, Afternoon Channel Surfing, Fast Food, Dinner Time Viewing, Feature Presentation..., Signing Off

It’s my attempt at recreating a typical day of viewing TV in the early 80s. I hope that by listening to the entire 8 tracks, the listener is brought back to a time when life was a bit easier and a lot less stressful.

E. Lee and his Inner Space project are back! And this time he's brought an entire album of electro-nostalgic ambience. Channel Z3r0 is best consumed via its YouTube playlist.  

Each track is accompanied by retro digital artwork, reminiscent of the nostalgic vibe the Michigan-based Lee aims to create. Our previous reviews of singles "Yesterday 1990" and "Morning (Sun rise over a city)" both explore the soundscape's E. Lee composes. With Channel Zer0, the mechanics behind the sounds stay true-to-form but the work as an entirety provides a greater depth to which the listener can sink into the experience.

There's not a particular 'single' or targeted 'hit song' among Channel Z3r0's nine tracks. Though not clearly stated, my feeling is that the works are to be taken as a whole rather than individually. I mean, do what you please, but should your aim be to escape the double double toil and trouble of your daily grind then you've got a convenient ~20-minute escape at your disposal courtesy of your friend E. Lee.

Currently, your recommended method for consumption of these tracks is the aforementioned Inner Space YouTube playlist (and entire profile for all other tracks). And while you're listening, click over to E. Lee's Facebook Page and give it a Like!

Posted on 2/21/24