Day Drinkin' (Single)

by Brian Doucette

Track listing: Day Drinkin'

A bandmate of mine once had an idea for a song called "Day Drinkin'." He sang it in rehearsals frequently. We LOVED it. The song didn't fit that band at all, and it was more of a joke than a song he took seriously. But something about it has stuck with me, years after that band came and went.

Well, it took a Nova Scotian named Brian Doucette to bring his own song of the same name to fruition. It's campy. It's silly. Borderline ridiculous. A disservice to his friends and relatives. But then, isn't actual day drinking much of the same?

The similarities to actual day drinking continue...

The song opens with a slow melodic keyboard intro--the crack of the first beer can. You think everything's going to go so swell. But then the backbeat (buzz) kicks in and things start getting weird. He's rapping! He's being sillier than a liquored up Uncle Jim-Bob was last week at the County Fair.

But it's all in fun, right? Just like actual day drinking. And like a giggling, sobering Uncle Jim-Bob, Doucette wraps up the song with a little beat-boxing, vocalizing record scratching during the refrain in the outro.

Good times, that day drinking. Hell, it's 10:30AM here in Austin, Texas and this song is really making me want to serve up an ice cold cocktail instead of a second cup of coffee. Here's to you, Brian Doucette! 

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Posted on 8/25/23