Easy Bees

by Easy Bees

Track listing: Diamond Ideals, Two Steps Forward One Step Back, Away From My Hometown, I've Got Soul, John and David, Mind is Rolling, Scars, Our Town, Golden Hour Radio, I'm Aware, Runway, Living in a Nightmare

Easy Bees formed in college in 2004, where the trio's love for melodic pop and vocal harmonies forged strong musical ties. But it was the passing of long-time musical hero Tom Petty that got the group working on their eponymous 2023 debut album.

Sonically, the Petty inspiration is undeniable. But diving deeper into Easy Bees' melodies, chord structures, and guitar tones, their sound owes a nod to both Heartbreakers' bandmate Mike Campbell and fellow Traveling Wilbury, Jeff Lynne. The unmistakable jangly chorus-pedal-rich guitar sound permeates Easy Bees, as does an omnipresent 3-part vocal harmony. 

The album opens with a trio of mid-tempo feel-good numbers in "Diamond Ideals," "Two Steps Forward One Step Back," and "Away From My Hometown." They set the tone with their innocence and Middle America storytelling, leading to the full-on sing-a-long song, "I've Got Soul" (which you may end up singing to yourself in the shower; it's one heck of an earworm). 

"Mind is Rolling" breaks out a distortion pedal, the most rocking track on the record. And as the chorus hits you get the most belting iteration of the band's vocal harmony attack--one of Rembrandts' epic proportions. The song's counterpoint comes in the form of the more mild-mannered 70s tinged "I'm Aware," an AOR hit if there ever was one.

Keep an eye on Easy Bees via your preferred medium: https://linktr.ee/easybees. Having been together 20 years and just now releasing a full album's worth of work, it'll be interesting to follow the group's response to the release. Is it the start of a string of new music over the next few years? Some touring, perhaps? Stay tuned to Easy Bees to find out.

Posted on 3/14/24