Fighter (Single)

by Esphyr

Track listing: Fighter

Ukranian singer Esphyr has been releasing singles for going on 10 years, dropping her latest entitled "Fighter" in June of 2023. Given the current situation in her homeland, you can imagine that her songwriting may address topics of the times: inner strength, patriotism, adaptability, and determination in the face of opposition. "Fighter" is all of this and more. 

I don’t fold no more
I don’t fold for pain
They can’t take my soul
I don’t fold no way

Set to a positivity-infused dance beat, her words embody the spirit the country has shown in recent history. She considers the song a "hymn of faith in oneself." 

And faith in herself is nothing new to Esphyr. At an early age her interests turned to Physics, a subject she went on to win awards pursuing. In fact, the song's accompanying video was shot at the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, featuring an airplane which is symbolic of her earning a pilot's license at the Aviation University.

Personal accomplishments and motivation aside, "Fighter" is a solid dance cut. The groove is reminiscent of a one by The Weeknd, with its open and airy backing keyboards and upbeat disco-era guitar. It's smooth, the chord structure infusing positivity, and undeniably danceable, all highlighted by Esphyr's gorgeous vocal tone.

Keep up with Esphyr's latest releases on Spotify and find her at @esphyrmuse on Instagram.

Posted on 8/21/23